Parent and Camp Communications

In today's age of immediate communications and apps that track children from home to school and back again, it can be challenging to be "out of touch" with your child for up to four weeks.

We get it. That's why Camp is intentional about sending home letters from your child's counselor, posting as many pictures of Camp life as we can, and also doing our best to get your camper to write their own letters home. 

Camp to Parent Communications

A letter from your child's counselor will appear in the Bunk1 app sometime over the weekend each week (excluding the last week of the session). New this year, campers will fill out a "Bunk Reply" sheet once a week that will be scanned to the Bunk1 app towards the end of the week. We also encourage campers to send letters home through the mail. Pro tip: Pre-address envelopes to make this easier for your Camper.

Additionally, we will contact you if we have any concerns about your child’s social, emotional or physical health. You can count on us to reach out in the following situations to partner with you to best support your child:

  • Your child is staying overnight in the health center
  • Your child will need a new prescription or repeated over-the-counter medication
  • Your child needs to go off-site for medical care for any reason
  • Your camper is experiencing a mental health challenge or prolonged homesickness
  • Your camper has violated our code of contact

You can reach the Health Center at any time by calling the main Camp number.  After the office has closed, there will be an option to connect you to the Health Center staff.

Parent to Camp Communications

You can send messages to your Camper each day through Bunk1 with updates from home. The emails are printed and distributed each day. You are also welcome to send your camper letters through the United States Postal Service (see addresses below).

Please do not send packages, as we cannot accept them unless they are pre-approved over the phone with our office. Pre-approved packages will be opened and put in the camper’s mailbox. Any packages containing items that are not on the packing list will be discarded and packages without pre-approval will be mailed to the camper’s address on file and shipping costs will be charged to their account. To have items pre-approved, please call the Camp Office (Sea Gull: 252-249-1111 / Seafarer: 252-249-1212).

To mail a letter to your child, please address it:

Camp Sea Gull:

  • Camper's Name
  • Cabin __ (insert cabin #)
  • 218 Sea Gull Landing
  • Arapahoe, NC 28510

Camp Seafarer:

  • Camper's Name
  • Cabin __ (insert cabin #)
  • 2744 Seafarer Road
  • Arapahoe, NC 28510


Bunk1 photos provide you with a snapshot of life at Camp. Photos will include images of activities, evening programs and birthdays. We do our best to post on Bunk1 seven days a week.

Due to our expansive grounds and extensive activities, we cannot guarantee photos of your camper. These snapshots of Camp may reflect the previous day’s events or other special moments during the session. 

Photos are typically uploaded by 12:00 p.m. EST.

Still Need to Contact Camp?

Reach out to our Directors of Camper Life, Liz Morgan, Camp Sea Gull, and Meredith Stewart, Camp Seafarer. 

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