girl pulling arrow out of target
Archery is hugely popular at Camp. Campers start on simple bow and easy targets and as they earn ranks, the distance increases.
Counselor and boy playing lacrosse
Soccer, basketball and lacrosse at both Camps and volleyball and running at Camp Seafarer.
Girl working on art project at creative arts
Creative Arts
Creative Arts at Camp Seafarer includes drawing, painting, ceramics and plenty of open-air studio space on the river.
Environmental Discovery at Seafarer
Environmental Discovery along the Neuse River
In Environmental Discovery, campers learn about the coastal habitat and the surrounding environment along the Neuse River and lakes at Camp.
Fishing at Camp Sea Gull
Fishing ranks begin on the pier with campers dropping lines and throwing cast nets. The last step are day-long trips with a professional fishing guide.
Golfing at Camp Sea Gull
Both Camps have 9-hole golf courses, driving ranges and putting greens. Campers can play both courses depending on skill level and ranks earned.
Climbing Tower at Camp Sea Gull
High Ropes Course

Both Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer have high ropes elements.

Girl on horseback at Camp Seafarer
Horseback Riding
Camp Seafarer offers horseback riding lessons and trail rides for an additional fee.
Counselor teaching a boy to paddle board
Paddle Sports
Canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards are part of Camp's Paddle Sports. All paddle sports take place on Camp's Canoe Lakes.