Starter Camp

Our one-week Starter Camp session is for our youngest campers. Starter Camp is great for campers who have not been away from home often or for very long. 

The independence developed in this one week at Camp is amazing. A week at Starter Camp allows campers to know their way around Camp, learning the basics of our activities, traditions at meals and routines in the cabin. This can solidify their confidence before jumping into Mariners or First and Second Session where there is more freedom of choice. 

For the first part of the week, campers stay in cabin groups with their counselors as they walk from structured activity to structured activity.

Once they become comfortable and familiar with their surroundings, campers are given the opportunity to choose their activities through open programming to see everything Starter Camp has to offer. 

Our 3:1 camper-to-staff ratio enables us to guide campers with a mentoring eye as they gain independence exploring our Land and Sea activities.

Just being away from home for five nights is a huge accomplishment for many Starter Campers, and while counselors encourage campers to try all activities, we do not focus on ranks and specific achievements. 

Starter Camp is for ages 6 -9.


Our Difference

Starter Campers are usually first-time, young campers and they definitely need a little extra TLC. We intentionally have a lower staff-to-camper ratio, and we keep cabins together as campers get used to the camp facilities and grounds. All campers take a swim assessment on their first day and of course, life jackets are required when on the water. Our counselors and staff undergo specialized training for younger campers to ensure they have a safe and memorable week. 

Three girls with counselor on a sailboat
Three boys in lifejackets playing basketball in the pool
Fishing at Camp Sea Gull
Two girls walking on path toward a cabin

Help your child with homesickness by talking about it ahead of time. This helps your child understand that being homesick is natural and may help them accept it with less anxiety.

Swimming at Camp Sea Gull
Swim Assessment

Water safety is extremely important at Camp. Each camper takes a swim assessment on their first day of camp and instructional swim is a part of every day. 

Two girls near the lifejacket rack for camp
Cabin Life

Every new camper wants to know where they will sleep. Camp cabins have bunk beds, in-cabin, private bathrooms and showers and cubbies and lockers for their belongings. 



Along with sailing and powerboating, we have a wide variety of land and water activities including swimming, fishing, creative arts, archery, golf, riflery, canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking and high ropes courses. Campers earn ranks by developing skills in activities. 

Climbing Tower at Camp Sea Gull
Motorboat at Camp Sea Gull
Sailing at Camp Sea Gull