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Cabin life is a key piece of your camper's overnight camp experience. It's within these wooden walls that friendships flourish and bonds are made. 


Explore a Camp Sea Gull cabin and a Camp Seafarer cabin with the campers themselves. Every cabin has two to three counselors and approximately 10 - 15 campers. Each cabin is well-lit with excellent ventilation and features fully furnished interiors with twin bunk beds.

Cabin Tours

Cabin Tours

Code of Conduct

Living in a community is a great opportunity for our campers to grow their interpersonal skills, leadership, independence and confidence. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is crucial for this growth. We are committed to building a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone where we treat one another with respect and dignity. The Code of Conduct is reviewed and discussed in each cabin and each Camper signs the form as they commit to doing what is right during their time at Camp. 

Sailing at Camp Sea Gull Sailing at Camp Sea Gull

Cabin Life

Counselor and campers at Camp Sea Gull

The first few days of Camp are intentionally planned so cabinmates get to know each other and make friends quickly. 

Four large sailboats on the water at Camp Sea Gull

At Camp, we believe that when campers do not follow the rules or demonstrate appropriate behavior, we have the opportunity to help them learn and grow.

Camp Seafarer facilities

Sharing a space with 10-13 other people creates an environment where respecting privacy is paramount. 

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The best summer yet awaits at Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer.


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Cabin Life

Cabins and cabin life are a critical part of Camp.

Goals and Ranks

Campers are encouraged to set goals and earn ranks.

Cabin Life

Sharing a space with 10 - 15 other people creates an environment where respecting privacy is paramount. Campers are not allowed to visit the inside of cabins other than their assigned cabin. Each camper has a bed and locker to keep personal belongings. All cabins have restrooms, sinks with mirrors and showers. 

Camps have both communal and semi-private showers. We can not guarantee a shower preference for campers.  

At Camp, we believe that behavioral challenges are an opportunity to help campers learn and grow. Our staff promotes behavior guidance through creating a positive environment, developing structure and clear limits, promoting social and emotional learning, reinforcing our core values and addressing challenging behaviors.  

Staff will redirect or problem-solve with the camper. When problems do arise, the Camp staff may consult the parents/guardians so that together, they can develop a plan for behavior management and success for the camper.

Most often, staff efforts and parental input are sufficient to resolve concerns.  However, there are occasional times when dismissal from Camp is necessary. Campers whose behavior does not abide by the code of conduct, require a disproportionate amount of a staff member's attention or need constant one-on-one support and therefore detract from the attention given to others in the cabin, may be asked to leave. Other behaviors directly linked to the health, safety or well-being of your child or others may also be grounds for dismissal. 

The first few days of Camp are intentionally planned so cabinmates get to know each other and make friends quickly. Our Camper Life directors intentionally ensure that all cabins have a good mix of new and returning campers and counselors to help campers connect with each other. The number of campers assigned to the same cabin from the same town or friendship group is intentionally limited to encourage new friendships and discourage cliques. When parents fill out Camper Forms, there is a place to mutually request a cabinmate for your camper.