Packing List

Overnight Camp Packing Lists

We have a list of the complete items your camper needs for all sessions of Camp. Items vary slightly between Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer. 

Camp Sea Gull

Packing lists will be available in 2024

Camp Seafarer

Packing lists will be available in 2024

Required Items

There are required items for Mariners and First and Second Session campers. Mariners need the clothing items. First and Second Session campers need the clothing and laundry bags. 

Golfing at Camp Sea Gull

Camp provides all equipment for activities. If your camper chooses to bring their own equipment (tennis rackets, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks with end caps, life jackets ..etc), it must be labeled and the camper is responsible for it.

Pier at Camp Sea Gull

Seriously, parents cannot pack too much sunscreen. Campers are outside almost all day and in the water for up to four weeks. We recommend a bottle per week. Insect repellant is not a bad idea either. 

Fishing at Camp Sea Gull

Camp is technology free - that includes phones and smartphones. All devices that record or play videos, make or receive phone calls and/or connect to the internet are not allowed. 

Family Camp Packing List

We recommend checking out the weather and packing accordingly. In spring and fall, weather at Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer can vary from chilly, to warm and breezy to outright rain. We recommend packing clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty or wet, bathing suits depending on the season and linens. 

Family Camp Packing List