Leadership Development

The Camper in Leadership Training Program is for campers, age 16 and/or rising high school juniors, who have potential leadership skills and who seek to be future counselors at Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer. The program is designed to provide opportunities to develop and sharpen leadership skills and acquire the knowledge that will help prepare the camper to become an effective counselor.

A CILT is assigned to a cabin of younger campers, where he/she will receive training from the counselors in all aspects of cabin life. However, at no time is a CILT left solely in charge of a cabin.

Each CILT is also assigned to an activity of his/her choice, based on certifications and ranks earned. The CILT becomes as skilled as possible in this activity and is taught effective teaching techniques. During the week, a CILT will work six activity periods on his/her assigned activity. The remainder of their activity time is open for them to pursue activities and ranks and to spend time with their campers.

How to Apply

Because CILTs are campers, those interested in the CILT Program apply via the normal camper application. There is a section on the camper application that asks if your child is interested in the CILT Program. If so, indicate your child’s interest, and we will send him/her a separate application to fill out specific to the CILT Program.

How to Apply

Guidelines & Expectations

The CILT Program is highly competitive. Applicants should have conscientious respect for organization, compliance with rules and regulations that put the safety of younger campers before personal interests, a genuine interest in working with children, and a willingness to be a positive role model at Camp. 

Applicants should spend at least one summer (preferably multiple summers) as a camper at Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer before applying to be a CILT. 

Applicants should show through their camper record that they can work with others and live in a community with both their peers and counselors.  

Applicants who have achieved upper ranks in a certain activity show a strong work ethic and a commitment to setting and achieving goals.

Applicants who have earned their Lifeguard Certification, CPR/First Aid Certification, U.S. Sailing Certification, U.S. Keel Boat Certification, U.S. Powerboating License, or Hunter Safety Certification show a dedication to a particular activity that will improve and broaden their skills.

Applicants who have participated in the Tiger Lily or Tiger Shark programs show an interest in instructing children on how to enhance their swimming skills.

Applicants who have participated in the Sea Gull and Seafarer Adventures in Leadership (S.A.I.L.) program show a desire to serve others, a commitment to excellence, growth in leadership skills, and a drive to leave Camp and our surrounding community better than they found it.