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Our staff is a team of highly committed individuals. We dedicate ourselves fully to delivering a quality program experience and are committed to our mission and goals. We pride ourselves in creating a caring, inclusive and welcoming environment that uses fun, interactive and challenging activities to build relationships and grow personal confidence.

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Working at Camp

Why work at an overnight camp? Your impact on campers will be rewarding, and Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer have one of the best work environments around. We place a premium on honesty, integrity and high moral character. Staff make friendships that last for summers and evolve into networking opportunities (check out our alumni). We hire the brightest, best and most fun individuals who place teaching and caring for kids at the top of their list. 

Why I Love Working at Camp

Why I Love Working at Camp

Applying to work at Camp is a competitive process and we typically have more applicants than spaces.

We look for counselors and staff who can work the spring season (mid-March through late May), the summer season (late May through mid-August) and the fall season (late August through mid-October). Patience, flexibility and endurance are the three most important qualities when working as a counselor. Your role as a counselor requires you to work long hours, present your best self, have a high energy level and selflessly serve others.

Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years of age at the time of application. CILT (Camper in Leadership Training) experience and/or one to two years of experience working with children is preferred. Priority will be given to applicants who can attend Staff Training Week (late May) and are available to work the entire summer. Staff Training Week is required for all new staff members who have never been to Camp. 

All cabin counselors live with or are assigned to a cabin of campers and are responsible for the supervision of their campers at all times – at sunup and sundown, before and during meals, during rest period and rainy periods and evening programs. 

All counselors are also assigned to an activity that they will work on for the entire summer. Counselors report to their activities every day for the program periods, which are 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. They work for the entire activity period, weather permitting.

Staff Perks

Motorboats at Camp Sea Gull
Competitive Salary

Our salary ranks among the best offered by the finer camps in the country. All staff members are paid on a similar scale based on previous experience as a counselor or CILT. Staff members are paid every other week during the summer, and compensation is subject to taxes. 

Sailing at Camp Sea Gull
Coastal Living

Room and board are included. As a counselor, you’ll eat family-style breakfast, lunch and dinner with both campers and participants.

Canoe Lake at Camp Sea Gull
Time Off

In all seasons, you will receive scheduled time-off periods, where you are welcome to leave Camp. Time off includes full days, nights and partial days. 

Camp Sea Gull
Certification Courses

Different roles at Camp require certifications. If we require you to have a certain course, we’ll coordinate with you to get it. This may include CPR, Lifeguarding, US Sailing, US Powerboating and other national and internationally recognized certifications.

Seafarer waterfront with view of the slide

Being a Camp staff member allows you to connect to our vast alumni network of former counselors and parents. As business owners and employers, they recognize that seeing Camp Sea Gull or Camp Seafarer on a resume shows the applicant’s commitment to character. Sharing Camp with alumni and parents is a common language that demonstrates your dedication, ability to work on a team and strong work ethic. 

Sailing at Camp Sea Gull
Professional Development

Camp will fully equip you with the leadership skills that enable you to be an effective leader at Camp, at school and in today’s workforce. We focus on building excellent skills in the areas of collaborative teamwork, effective communication, creative thinking, problem-solving and effective management skills.