Financial Assistance

Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer are committed to creating a broadly diverse community by providing need-based scholarships, called Camperships, to ensure Camp is affordable for all.

Our campership program is funded through our Camp Annual Campaign and endowment disbursements - ultimately by alumni, parents and friends.

Camperships are income-based and assistance amounts are awarded on a sliding scale. More and more, we work with families in a middle-income range who desire to send their child(ren) to Camp but struggle to bridge the gap between affordability and program cost.

Interested in Applying?

Financial Assistance is limited and not guaranteed. Assistance is income-based and is awarded on a sliding scale. The first step is filling out our Financial Assistance Interest Form.

More and more we work with families in a middle-income range who desire to send their child(ren) to Camp, but struggle to bridge the gap between affordability and program cost. 

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Service Professional Program

The Service Professional Program is a set discount that is not based on income

Instead, we offer this discount to all who work in service-oriented fields such as first responders, police officers, nurses or those who serve our country. Applicants do not need to upload tax returns.

Service Professional Program

Financial Assistance Questions

The Financial Assistance Application is made available to families interested in Camperships after their Camp application is submitted. Interested families can submit a Financial Assistance Interest Form before Camp applications are open. This ensures potential Campership families do not pay a full application fee.  

All financial information provided remains confidential and is used solely to evaluate the application.

Applicants will need a copy of their most recent 1040 tax returns. A business/farm statement and corporate tax return/schedule C/schedule F may be required as well as needed. 

Camperships are available for almost all Camp Sea Gull and Camp Seafarer programs including the ones listed here.

  • Starter Camp
  • Mariners
  • First and Second Session
  • Summer Day Camp
  • Family Camp Week
  • Family Camp Weekends
  • Mother & Daughter Weekend
  • Father & Son Weekend


We consider a number of factors including, but not limited to, the number of children in the family, income and any unexpected life situations that place financial stress on the family.

Typically, this equates to a total household income of up to $115,000 for families with one child and up to $130,000 for families with two or more children.

Financial Assistance Interest Form

Before you apply for Financial Assistance, or Camperships, we ask you to submit the intent form below.

This starts the process and when filled out two business days before you register, it can reduce your application fee.

We will send you a link to apply for financial assistance after your Camp registration is processed. 

Parent or Guardian Information

Parent or Guardian Name
Mailing Address

Camper Information

Please select the number of campers planning on coming to Camp.

First Camper Information

First Camper Name

Second Camper Information

Second Camper Name

Third Camper Information

Third Camper Name

Program Information

First and Second Session, Mariners, Starter Camp
Pamlico County residents and associated local schools
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